Breathmobile at PUSD schools!

  • The Breathmobile® is an “asthma clinic on wheels” sponsored by the Prescott-Joseph Center. It provides diagnosis, education, treatment, and medications to children with asthma and allergies at their school site. The Breathmobile® provides regular visits of asthma specialists to schools.

    • The first Breathmobile® was launched in Southern California on November 16, 1995.
    • The Breathmobile® resembles the inside of a doctor’s office and is staffed with a board-certified allergist, or other asthma specialist, licensed registered nurse, respiratory therapist, and a patient services representative. 
    • Medical care provided on the Breathmobile® includes history and physical exams, free medications (when available), and spirometry.
    • There is no cost for children to be seen on the Breathmobile® at their school sites. All services are provided to families at NO CHARGE


    Evaluation studies have demonstrated dramatic health improvements for patients treated on the Breathmobile®.

    This includes:

    • Fewer ER visits and hospitalizations
    • Improved pulmonary function
    • Decrease in school absenteeism
    • Improved quality of life

    The Breathmobile® program has proven that consistent specialty care keeps children ”IN” school and “OUT” of the emergency room.


    Contact us to inquire about appointments at the Breathmobile closest to your child's school!


    Breathmobile at Pittsburg Schools