About PUSD's Dual Language Program

Dual Immersion Overview

  • Mission Statement:

    The Two-Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) program in PUSD integrates language minority (English Learners) students and language majority (English proficient) students for the purpose of developing bilingualism, bi-literacy, and bi-culturalism.

    Instruction is delivered at Kindergarten in Spanish 90% of the day and in English 10%; this gradually shifts until by the 5th grade 50% of the day is spent in each language. At the secondary level, 1/3 of the day is in Spanish and 2/3 is in English.


    The curriculum taught is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Language Arts, Mathematics, and all other subjects.

    Dual Immersion Philosophy:

    • Language learning is natural for young children
    • Language learning challenges mental development
    • Language learning prepares students for diversity

    The Dual Immersion program combines students from two language groups and teaches them in both of their languages. The program includes balanced numbers of English, Spanish and Bilingual speaking students.

    At first, students are taught the majority of the day in Spanish by a Spanish-speaking teacher. Students are also taught in English by an English-speaking teacher.

    Gradually, the language of instruction shifts until by the 5th grade, 50% of the day is in Spanish and 50% of the day is in English. Throughout, students help each other to speak, read, write and understand one other's language.

    Program Goals:

    • Students will gain proficiency in both Spanish and English
    • Academic achievement in Spanish and English
    • Positive self-esteem, cultural awareness and sensitivity


    • Bilingual Enrichment Program
    • Students gain a new language
    • High Academic Achievement
    • Job opportunities in many careers
    • Critical & creative thinking promoted
    • Language requirements fulfilled for high school and university credits 

    Who can participate?

    Kindergarten students who speak Spanish, English or both can participate. Classes are balanced among the language groups.

    There is no specific criterion, but rather parents choose to enroll their child in the Dual Immersion Program, committing to a period of six years (K-5).

    Junior High and High School Programs are also available.

    Usually, children enter the Dual Immersion  Program at kindergarten. Sometimes students choose and qualify to enter at later grade levels.

    Program Model - 90/10

     Language of
    K 1
     2 3
     Spanish 90% 80% 80% 70% 60% 50%
     English 10% 20% 20% 30% 40% 50%


    Grades 6 - 12

    • Spanish Language Arts
    • Spanish Social Studies or Science
    • English Mainstream Classes

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