21st Century Learner Vision


PUSD Scholars as 21st Century Learners

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    The PUSD Graduate Profile
    In 2027, every Pittsburg student will work toward building a valuable set of skills and traits that will set them up as lifelong learners, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our learners aren’t just “students.” They are also:

  • Collaborators

  • Scholars

  • Good Citizens

  • Critical Thinkers

  • Growth Seekers

  • Strong Communicators

  • Professionals

  • Empathizers

Reimagining Learning

  • The district will use three sets of guidelines to make Vision 2027 a reality:

    • PUSD’s Graduate Profile—a set of skills and traits that every student graduating from PUSD will have developed through their school experience
    • Reimagining Learning— descriptions of the kinds of new learning experiences that will enable students to meet the Graduate Profile
    • Nine Design Principles— basic rules that will guide how the district community works together to make the vision a reality


    Bringing Vision 2027 to life—and aligning our systems, programs, and resources around this vision—will require us to “reimagine” the learning experience for our students. Here are some illustrative examples of what that experience might look and feel like, generated by our  community during the visioning process. 




Bringing Vision 2027 to life

  • Learning is not just local—it’s global.

  • Technology is integrated into the learning experience.

  • Learning is highly personalized, and shaped by student voice, choice, and need.

  • Learning is experiential, immersive, and connected to community.

  • Learning takes place “everywhere and anytime”

Dr. Schulze, Anthony Molina, and two students


  • 1.) The graduate profile will guide our work as a District at all levels.

  • 2.) Equitable and accessible technology will connect the world to every student.

  • 3.) Learning will be studentdriven and real-world relevant.

  • 4.) A wide network of allies will facilitate student learning.

  • 5.) PUSD’s commitment to equity will grow stronger.

  • 6.) Performance assessments will be adaptive and part of the learning process.

  • 7.) Educators will need both support and a growth mindset.

  • 8.) Innovations in systems and structures will enable transformation.

  • 9.) A growth mindset and culture of continuous improvement become the “PUSD way.”