Technology Overview

  • At Pittsburg Unified School District, we recognize that technology can be a powerful learning tool and a great way for students, parents, and teachers to stay connected, in an effort to enhance the instruction of our students and provide a 21st Century education. Our technology department provides all the necessary support and maintenance to keep our district’s technology infrastructure working efficiently.
    If you have technology-related questions, we welcome you to contact one of our specialists and allow us to assist you.

    Use of District Technology

    Pittsburg Unified School District provides current technology to support student research and education and to encourage efficient communication between staff and families. We define ‘appropriate use’ as use of technology and/or Internet resources for the purpose of enhancing the curriculum and/or instruction. While we actively monitor Internet traffic and use specialized software to filter and block access to non-educational websites, we expect students and staff to act responsibly in their use of the provided technologies by protecting our network and the rights of others. We encourage parents to actively monitor their student’s academic progress by maintaining an open line of communication with their child(ren)’s teachers.
    District technology MAY NOT be used for:

    • Any illegal, commercial, or for-profit activities
    • Non-work/non-school related work
    • Advertisement or political lobbying
    • Personal e-mail, message forums, chat rooms, texting
    • Unauthorized installation/modification of software/files
    • Distribution/reproduction of copyrighted materials
    • Access to obscene or pornographic material
    • Inappropriate language or profanity
    • Transmission of offensive material
    • Identity theft or impersonation
    • Disruption of other users’ work

    The site administrator has the final authority to determine what is ‘appropriate use.’ Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a loss of privilege or suspension.