Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Overview

  • The Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program is a state-approved induction program that provides teachers an opportunity to obtain a Professional Clear Teaching Credential. Pittsburg Unified School District BTSA program provides participating teachers with:


    • Mentors who are trained in the use of the California Standards for the teaching profession, induction standards, formative assessment process, and state adopted academic Content standards
    • Release time for classrooms observations
    • Professional Development
    • An opportunity to earn a California Professional Clear Teaching Credential


    School Improvement Program (SIP) - is a state program designed to improve instruction, services, and school environment. The improvements are based on the School Plan for Student Achievement which is developed by the school site council.


    Economic Impact Aid (State Compensatory Education) - Provides additional opportunities for children from low-income families who are failing or at risk of failing to meet state standards.


    Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program (TUPE) - PUSD TUPE program includes grades four through eight and provides tobacco-specific student instruction, counseling, and cessation programs.