E-Rate Year 26 (2022-2023)

E-Rate Year 19 (2016-2017) - RFP

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    Questions & Answers for WAN RFP
    • Q: I am inquiring today to see if the due date can be extended. Could a request for an extended due date be granted?
    • A: PUSD is not extending the original due date and time presented in the RFP.


    • Q:  You say you are awarding a 36-month contract effective 8/1/2016 but on page 2 of the RFP you state the majority of the sites are under contract until 2017 with 4 under contract until 2018.  This would appear to violate the rules prohibiting duplicative services.  Can you clarify?
    • A:  The current WAN network service cannot provide the connectivity speed requested in this RFP.


    • Q: The RFP states a 100% performance bond will be required.  This is a request for leased lit services so you would in effect be requiring the vendor to bond a service under their control, not the district.  Further, as a California CLEC, you would have protection from CPUC should we fail to perform. We respectively request the bonding requirement be removed as it is inappropriate.
    • A:  The successful Bidder will no longer be required to furnish a Performance Bond. Please see Addendum 1 on the PUSD website.