College and Career Center Overview

  • business colleagues at a business meeting Thank you for visiting our page! The College & Career Center is your resource for information and support as you move toward and beyond graduation. As we head into the school year, I’m sure you’re gearing up for all of the class assignments, projects, and extracurricular activities you have ahead of you. Although it may seem overwhelming, it’s also a great time to set your sights on what happens after high school. I hope to help you build on your successes at PHS, support you through the process of exploring your interests and options after high school, and ultimately help you reach your goals. The important thing to remember is that you are in the driver’s seat for your future –you know yourself best and you control the amount of effort and attitude you’re willing to put forward. One thing I know for sure is that it will all be worthwhile.

    Please keep in touch via this webpage, and most importantly, by visiting the College & Career Center! I look forward to partnering with you and your families.

    Feel free to download our college and career readiness survey