PUSD's Grad Rate Increases by 20% Over Last 5 Years

  • PUSD's Graduation Rate is 91% for 2017/2018 School Year

    The California Department of Education’s Dashboard release of 2017-2018 graduation rate data shows great news for Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD). The District’s overall Dashboard graduation rate for 2018 is 91%, which is a 20% increase over the Cohort Graduation Rate in 2013. Additionally, PUSD’s 2018 graduation rate is 7% higher than the State’s average of 84%. 

    Graduation Highlights for PUSD's Major Student Groups

    • 91% for Hispanic/Latino students, demonstrating an 18% gain over the 2013 Cohort Graduation Rate
    • 92% for African American students, demonstrating a 26% gain since 2013
    • 80% for English language learners, demonstrating an 18% gain since 2013
    • Students with disabilities are at a 70% rate, demonstrating a gain of 10% since the 2013 rate
    • 2018 data also reveals a 90% graduation rate for the District’s Socioeconomically Disadvantaged, which is a 20% gain from 2013 

    PUSD vs the State Among Major Student Groups

    • PUSD is 20% Higher than the State in 2017/2018 for African American students
    • PUSD is 10% Higher than the State in 2017/2018 for Latino students
    • PUSD is 9% Higher than the State in 2017/2018 for English Language Learners 

    Dropouts Decrease by 16% From 5 Years Ago

    PUSD’s dropout rate for 2018 is 6%, an impressive 16% decrease from 2013 where the District’s Cohort dropout rate was 22%. 

    College and Career Ready Indicator Displays Higher than the State

    The college and career ready indicator of the California Dashboard, which is a new multi-criteria indicator for school districts, displays PUSD at 49%. PUSD is 7% higher than the State’s 42%. Over the last three years, this indicator shows PUSD at 22% in 2016, 26% in 2017, and 49% in 2018. This trend exhibits a significant gain of 27% since 2016 in preparing Pittsburg students for college and careers after high school. 

    Additional Information 

    To provide the best indication of how schools and districts perform, the State has updated and improved the Graduation Rate used as an indicator on the California School Dashboard. Based on improvements that have taken place in PUSD and the new, truer, indicator, we have seen significant increases over the last five years from the PUSD 2013 Cohort Graduation Rate. For additional information about graduation rates and data released by the California Department of Education (CDE), go to https://www.caschooldashboard.org. Information about dropout rates and school district facts can also be found on DataQuest, part of the CDE’s website: https://data1.cde.ca.gov/dataquest/.

Student Demographics for 2018/2019 School Year

Pie chart showing Student Demographics for 2017/2018

Grad Rates in Chart Form

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