• The Pittsburg Unified School District (“District”) has established district policies in regards to student safety, conduct and discipline to provide safe and drug-free schools. In those policies, the District has determined that contraband is defined as:


    • All illegal drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Firearms and ammunition
    • Over the counter and prescription medications (that are not approved for administration at school for that particular student).


    To enable the District to take a preventative approach, we have contracted the services of Proactive K-9’s. Proactive K-9’s is an outside company that provides canine contraband detection services to all of the District’s secondary school sites, grades 6-12, including Hillview Junior High, Martin Luther King, Jr., Junior High, Rancho Medanos Junior High, Pittsburg High School, and Black Diamond High School. Please refer to the letter below that explains in detail why we use canines. Also, the video on this page was created by students to showcase how the dogs help to ensure a safe place for learning.