About Me

  • I have been teaching at Heights Elementary since 1998. It is a thrill to teach Physical Education to all of the incredibly gifted students that attend. It is my goal to make every student feel important and cared for while learning how important fitness, good health and well-being are. I strive to instill values that encourage each student to work on ways to become physically active for a lifetime. 


     All Physical Education classrooms are located on GoogleClassroom.com. Every student in grades 1-5 has been given a code to be join. Videos will be done on Zoom and sometimes done as a homework assignment. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and turned in on Google drive to Mr. Morucci. 

    Physical Education is taught once a week for 2-5th grade and twice a week for grade 1. Please check with classroom teacher on days and times your child will have P.E. 

    Lastly, make sure that there is approximately a 5 foot by 5 foot empty space behind where your student sits regularly during classroom time because in this class there will be movement.:)


    P.E. Google Classrooms for each grade:

    Grade 1 - Heights Physical Education

    Class Code: r5yqjnj

    Grade 2 - Heights Physical Education

    Class Code: s7o3svp

    Grade 3 - Heights Physical Education

    Class Code: h6fucsu

    Grade 4 - Heights Physical Education

    Class Code: eejdqzj

    Grade 5 - Heights Physical Education

    Class Code: nws7bty


    Here's a taste of what's happening in P.E.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cqcZIWW8YQ


    Back To School Slide Presentastion: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AuRn_na9iNp2XbRjtyFHqSInm-A5WM5Ln8D8EGvZYDs/edit?usp=sharing


     The best way to contact me is through Google Classroom in your student(s) class, My Physical Education Classroom on class Dojo or you can email me at GMorucci@pittsburgusd.net.

    Thank you!

     Mr. Morucci