Welcome to Pittsburg High School Athletics

  • Students wishing to participate in any sport, must first obtain clearance through the PHS Athletics Office prior to any practice or game competition.


    How do I clear my student-athlete in order to participate?


    1. Complete the Physical Exam Form (must be signed and stamped by a doctor) 
    2. Register online on HomeCampus.com to complete the Athletic Clearance Packet and to submit your completed Physical Exam form


    Athletic Clearance Deadlines:


          Fall Sports:     ***Packets completed for football must be submitted no later than June 15, 2022***

                                          Packets for all other Fall sports must be submitted by the first day of conditioning.

          Winter Sports:    Packets must be submitted by Monday, October 31st, 2022 

          Spring Sports:     Packets must be submitted by Monday, February 6th, 2023


    Please contact our office with questions regarding the athletic clearance process. 

    Ms. Mixtli Cruz
    Athletics Secretary (Spanish)
    Pittsburg High School - North Campus Rm 119
    925.473.2300 x3129
  • Sports Insurance

    All eligible athletes are required to provide proof of medical insurance. Parents of students who are interested in purchasing medical insurance in order to participate in sports, can do so online at: Student Athlete Insurance


    Questions? Please contact your Local Agent:

    Agent           Student Insurance
    Phone:         (310) 826-5688
    Email:          sirep@studentinsuranceusa.com
    Address:      6320 Canoga Ave., 12th Floor
                         Woodland Hills, CA 91367