Thank you TK 22-23 for a wonderful year!

    If you will be in TK 23-24, I can't wait to meet you!


  • Extra Activities


    Need some fun learning activities for home? Here are some Choice Boards or writing activities that can be used for extra fun or for "homework". 


    Choice Boards: Pick one square from a choice board, do the activity and color the square. Want a paper copy? Grab all the pages as a FREE printable/clickable HERE. 


    readingchoiceboard letter choice board


    math choice board art sensory choice board


    Movement choice board


    Picture Story/ Word Story paper

    Draw a picture on the top part then write about the picture on the bottom part.

    *Children will use developmental writing.  Encourage them to use letters for the sounds they hear in words.

    picture word story paper


    Digital Writing List

    Practice your writing by making lists 

    My Lists My Family My Friends Favorite Toys

    Favorite Places   Favorite Sports


    Digital Cards

    Save these cards to Seesaw or your device to color and use the Writing List to write who the card is for

    my writing list

    cards 1  cards 2

    cards 3  cards 4



    helper list  helpers letter

    letter bugs letter rainbow

    Digital Home Journal


     my home journal cover  my home journal page