Mr. Zolfaghari's Class 


    -Sign up for Remind using the codes: indiateama (if you are Cohort A)

                                                                indiateamb (if you are Cohort B) 


     Joining a Google Classroom

    Please Note:

      • You must sign in through your clever.com account THEN access google classroom
      • Click the little "+" in the upper right corner to ADD a class


    Cohort A  

                   1st : qmomdop

                   2nd: tklzj3m

                   3rd: znx3e3f

                   5th: 4777gd7

                   6th: fhhduah


    Cohort B  

                    1st: 3hcqvyp

                    2nd: jjyejfj

                    3rd: nz4gicx

                    5th: uv6txu7

                    6th: v3cb64p