• Welcome to Black Diamond High School!


    Our Mission:

    The mission of BDHS is to provide a meaningful and measurable, learning experience for all students. BDHS is specifically designed for students who have experienced attendance, behavior and achievement problems. The BDHS community is committed to providing a positive, student centered, safe, and academically comprehensive program that is sensitive to the varied learning styles of all students.


    BDHS offers an individualized educational program that includes assessment of academic and behavioral needs with resources in: academics, counseling and online learning along with a work readiness training. Our goal is to empower our students to become productive, confident, active and contributing members of their communities.

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  • About our School:

    Black Diamond High School is the alternative high school for the Pittsburg Unified School District. It serves students who are 16 to 18 years of age and who are behind in credits. The program delivers a standards-based education, using the same instructional materials as are used at Pittsburg High School. However, small class size (no more than 20 students per class), a supportive environment, a focus on the importance of attendance, an intervention program, and a welcoming family-like atmosphere provide students with an opportunity to refocus themselves, earn credits, and receive a high school diploma. Students are enrolled in four classes initially, but can add more, especially during their senior year, in order to reach the 220 credits needed for graduation. Counselors and teachers work with students to help them develop a plan to earn needed credits for graduation and to provide them with information on programs and opportunities after high school.

    Black Diamond High has a stable, experienced, diverse staff which strives to provide a program which reflects our values as:

    • A professional learning community committed to challenging all students to achieve.
    • A school where families feel welcome and an integral part of the school program.
    • A school where students can become motivated to learn, work, and flourish in a creative environment.
    • A school where students are supported in earning credits to graduate.
    • A school where the focus is on how we are teaching, on what our students are learning, and how we can help them attain the knowledge and skills necessary to become productive adults.
    • A safe, supportive school which students are eager to attend.

    All of the staff at Black Diamond High commits to provide our students with the following:

    • A vibrant learning environment based on respect and trust with an absence of threats or bullying in the classrooms and the school.
    • A program that supports student achievement - both academic and social.
    • An educational program which accommodates the needs of each student.TN-logo-blackdiamond.gif
    • A program where caring and passionate professionals encourage students to increase their potential.
    • A program based on academic standards with a challenging and relevant curriculum.